Vegan on a Jet Plane

Vegan on a Jet Plane is an episodic travel/food show developed and produced by Odyssey Films LLC.

The Pitch:
“Join Ally’s adventure around the globe and explore new countries, cultures, and food! Vegan on a Jet Plane (VJP) will take you to faraway lands and bring you the best healthy dining while giving you a window into exotic cultures.

Ever felt like it was impossible to travel abroad and maintain a healthy diet? Consider VJP your plant-based travel guide! Please know that you do NOT have to be vegan to enjoy VJP. VJP will not exclude anyone! If you enjoy travel, culture and/or healthy food there will be something for you here!”

Production is set to begin in late September, 2014 in Bali, Indonesia.  To learn more about this production, please visit the Vegan on a Jet Plane website. Here’s a link to Ally’s Nutrition site.