Meet the team

  • Jacob

    Founder / Owner

    Emmy nominated filmmaker Jacob Teixeira founded Odyssey Films LLC in 2014. Over the past decade, Jacob has worked on several productions in the Los Angeles area and around the world.

  • Ally

    Executive Producer / Host

    Ally is a Los Angeles based nutritionist, entrepreneur and world traveler. She is passionate about helping others look and feel their best by moving toward a plant-based diet.

  • Jaclyn

    Story Producer

    Jaclyn has been working on Odyssey Films productions since she was a child. She has a passion for compelling stories and a deep interest in the environment.

  • Aaron


    Aaron is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and long time collaborator at Odyssey Films. His latest paranormal film, "The Bridgewater Triangle," can be downloaded via the link below.

  • Seth

    Web Engineering Architect

    Seth has been developing web applications for the past ten years. At Odyssey Films, Seth's dedicated to creating projects that engage users in a meaningful way.

  • Jeff

    Script Supervisor / Writer

    Jeff has an appreciation for epic storytelling. After receiving his Masters in Literature, Odyssey Films has been lucky enough to have Jeff as a frequent collaborator and contributing writer. Stay tuned for info about his forthcoming novel.

  • Kevin

    Computer Engineer

    Kevin aka "The Computer Whisperer," has over a decade of experience as a Sr. Systems Services Support Analyst. At Odyssey Films he's been vital in making sure that our online infrastructure "just works."

  • Southern Exposure Travel

    Travel Coordinator

    The great team at SETravel makes sure our flight and hotel logistics go smoothly wherever in the world we happen to be shooting. Priceless!

  • Kathy


    Kathy, or, "Mom" was touched by the gods in her ability to create healthy food to feed the masses. She has unofficially been providing food for Odyssey Films for decades and continues to do so today!

  • Jordyn


    There would be no Odyssey Films if it wasn't for Jordyn's imagination and creativity during the early years. We are so happy to have known such a beautiful soul for as long as we did. Jordyn...we did it!